A therapeutic and epitome resource for Human Papillomaviruses

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  • Q1- What is HPVomics?
    • HPVomics is a web-based HPV therapeutic, epitome and genomic resource. It is classified in different sections represent individual components mainly therapeutics (i.e. siRNAs, sgRNAs, antiviral peptides etc.), vaccine epitopes (IEDB epitopes, MHC-I and -II binders, B-cell, CTL epitopes), genomes, genome browser, epitope map and tools. It also includes genomes and graphical HPV genome browser, HPVomics genome browser for the collective representation of HPV annotation and regulatory information. Additionally, sophisticated analysis tools are also provided. Additionally, HPV epitome prediction algorithm "HPVepi" to predict the B-cell and T-cell (MHC-I and II) epitopes is also developed.

  • Q2- What type of data HPVomics address?
    • Most importantly, HPVomics deals with therapeutically imperative constituents i.e. vaccine epitopes, siRNAs, sgRNAs, and anti-viral peptides
    • It also contains whole genome sequences, their respective functional information regarding proteins, genes, and codon usage bias etc.
  • Q3- What are the unique features of HPVomics resource
    • We have developed an integrative platform; HPVomics, dedicated to the HPVs therapeutics and epitome along with genomics knowledge.

    • There are resources available to provide HPV sequence information. However, upto now very few have focused on the therapeutic aspects of HPVs . We have analyzed and compiled therapeutically potential candidates along with genomic data.

    • We have also developed first HPV epitome prediction algorithm-HPVepi.
  • Q4- Whom to contact in case of any query regarding resource?
    • We value your feedback. If you have any query or comments, Please see contact page and email us. Thank you for using HPVomics.