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vhfRNAi Accession [e.g, Vhf01819]
Gene Symbol [e.g, IARS2]
Gene Description [e.g, isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase 2, mitochondrial]
Entrez Gene ID [e.g, 55699]
UniProt ID [e.g, Q9NSE4]
Ensembl Gene ID [e.g, ENSG00000067704]
Organism [e.g, Homo sapiens]
GO [e.g, GO:0010467]
Pathway [e.g, hsa00970]
Virus Abbreviation [e.g, BDV]
Virus full name [e.g, Borna disease virus]
Pubmed ID [e.g, 20071576]
Assay Type [e.g, cell-based]
Phenotype [e.g, Inhibited infection]
BioModel Description [e.g, Ol cell line for a siRNA-based HTSof 5,516 genes]
Confirmatory Screen Description [e.g, Independent replicates for each siRNA.]
Primary Screen Description [e.g, a score higher than two and at least two siRNA with a P value of 0.11]
Hits Number [e.g, 58]
Confirmed Hits Number [e.g, 34]
Screen Note [e.g, specific inhibition of BDV G-mediated cell entry]