vhfRNAi: A web-platform for analysis of host genes involved in viral infections discovered by genome wide RNAi screen

  • vhfRNAi is an online resource for analysis of host genes involved in viral infection identified by genome wide RNAi screen. It will be useful in understanding host-virus biology as well as regulatory networks for the development of antiviral therapeutics.

  • vhfRNAi furnishes in depth information about the target gene, virus, phenotype, assay, screen description etc. for 12249 genes (host factors + restriction factors) belonging to 18 different human viruses.

  • Analysis tools for host-virus interaction and pathway enrichment are also provided for the overall data.

  • User-friendly display interface allows to explore the data for different viruses categorized in the resource.

    -Find the common overlapping genes between different viruses

    Disease genes
    -Explore candidate disease host genes identified from genome wide association studies

    Gene ontology
    -Gene ontology enrichment analysis using BiNGO

    -Protein interaction data from different resources can be explored for further understanding of host-virus biology

    -Graphically displays the interactions between genes (host factors + restriction factors)and the selected virus

    Network overlap
    -Network analysis of host genes interactions with different viruses using Cyoscape web

    -Functional annotation of the host genes in cellular pathways