SigMol organization

SigMol is a repertoire of Quorum sensing signaling molecules of prokaryotes. It contains total of 1382 entries of 182 unique signaling molecules from 215 organisms. It comprises information of different signaling systems like AHLs, DKPs, DSFs, HAQs and AI-2 from different bacteria and archea. SigMol will be helpful for the scientific community working in the quorum sensing. The database offers instructive tool like structure search as well as links to taxonomy browser, PubChem, Chemspider, and PubMed etc. This database is freely available at:

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This user-friendly option allows users to explore different fields of database: 1) Signaling systems 2) Genes (Synthase and recipient) 3) Organisms


Field Search: Here user can enter query in the given box and can execute search based on any of the 10 fields like QSSM_ID, Signaling systems, Signaling molecules, Signaling molecules synthase gene, Signaling molecules recipient gene, Organism, Strain, Identification assay and PMID. User can also keep the default "All" option that will search against all the fields in the database. Search type option permits retrieving either match containing the query or an exact match.

Output: The result page will display different fields of the database. User can sort and filter the data by clicking on the column header and filter box.


Structure search: This tool help users to draw structures of the signaling molecules and in turn check whether they are already present in our database or not. User can also have access to external databases for structural information like PubChem, Chemspider and chemicalize etc.