Papers published in Pubmed in last 12 months

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  5. The Emerging Zika Pandemic: Enhancing Preparedness.
  6. Zika virus outbreaks prompt warnings to pregnant women.
  7. Sixty seconds on . . . Zika virus.
  8. Jamaica advises women to avoid pregnancy as Zika virus approaches.
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  10. Zika virus infection in a traveller returning from the Maldives, June 2015.
  11. Zika virus outbreak prompts US to issue travel alert to pregnant women.
  12. Zika fever imported from Thailand to Japan, and diagnosed by PCR in the urines.
  13. Dengue, chikungunya and Zika and mass gatherings: What happened in Brazil, 2014.
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  15. Zika virus in Brazil and macular atrophy in a child with microcephaly.
  16. Zika virus genome from the Americas.
  17. Zika and microcephaly: Causation, correlation, or coincidence?
  18. First US case of Zika virus infection is identified in Texas.
  19. Zika Virus in the Americas - Yet Another Arbovirus Threat. America, Central America, and the Caribbean (see map) and potentially threatening
  20. Dengue, chikungunya and Zika co-infection in a patient from Colombia.
  21. ZIKA virus circulates in new regions.
  22. Healthcare students and workers' knowledge about transmission, epidemiology and symptoms of Zika fever in four cities of Colombia.
  23. Zika virus intrauterine infection causes fetal brain abnormality and microcephaly: tip of the iceberg?
  24. [Zika virus: Another emerging arbovirus in Venezuela?].
  25. Meet dengue's cousin, Zika.
  26. Cytokine kinetics of Zika virus-infected patients from acute to reconvalescent phase.
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  28. Zika virus outbreaks in Asia and South America.
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  30. Zika virus: a previously slow pandemic spreads rapidly through the Americas.
  31. Zika virus and the never-ending story of emerging pathogens and transfusion medicine.
  32. Blood safety and zoonotic emerging pathogens: now it's the turn of Zika virus!
  33. Entry routes for Zika virus in Brazil after 2014 world cup: New possibilities.
  34. First detection of autochthonous Zika virus transmission in a HIV-infected patient in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  35. A report on the outbreak of Zika virus on Easter Island, South Pacific, 2014. and Africa. In 2013, a large outbreak was reported on the archipelago of French
  36. Outbreak of Exanthematous Illness Associated with Zika, Chikungunya, and Dengue Viruses, Salvador, Brazil.
  37. Zika virus outbreaks in the Americas.
  38. Potential of selected Senegalese Aedes spp. mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) to transmit Zika virus.
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