Welcome to SMEpred

  • SMEpred is a first webserver to design and predict efficacy of chemically modified siRNAs (cm-siRNAs).
  • SMEpred webserver is useful in generating, designing and predicting normal as well as chemically modified siRNA for development of therapeutics.
  • Two datasets were used normal siRNAs dataset (2182) and cm-siRNA dataset (3031 cm-siRNAs) which were experimentally verified.
  • Hetero-3031 contains train/test dataset (Hetero-T 2727) and independent validation dataset (Hetero-V304).
  • 10-fold cross validation was performed using Support Vector Machine (SVM).
  • We achieved maximum Pearson Correlation Coefficient (PCC) of 0.801 using SVM between the actual and predicted efficacy values. Similar performance was achieved on Homo-2110.
  • Workbench is divided into three main modules (I) SMEPred (II) MultiModGen (III)Tool-siMEpred
  • SMEPred-pipeline generates normal siRNAs and their single modifications and further predict their score against every modified siRNA sequence which indicates its activity i.e how much active it is in silencing the target gene.
  • MultiModGen-Algorithm helps to generate various permutations and combinations of chemical modifications on different positions as per the users choice.
  • Tool-siMEpred is provided different models to explore effect of modifiation on different fragments of antisense strand of siRNA.