ge-CRISPR: An integrated Pipeline for the prediction and analysis of sgRNAs genome editing efficiency for CRISPR/Cas system

Enter a Genomic sequence (Fasta format) below:


           Pipeline-1:: sgRNA-Scanner-- geCRISPRc -- geCRISPR-analysis
           Pipeline-2:: sgRNA-Scanner-- geCRISPRr -- geCRISPR-analysis


    Following are the salient features and components of ge-CRISPR Web server:

  • sgRNA-Scanner = Identification of potential sgRNAs in a gene or genome sequence.

    Example sgRNA sequence pattern:
    	<    Distal |  Proximal  | PAM    >

  • Pipeline-1:geCRISPRc = Prediction of sgRNAs as highly or least potent using a new classification based algorithm.

  • Pipeline-2:geCRISPRr = Prediction of actual sgRNAs efficiency (0-100%) employing a new regression based algorithm.

  • geCRISPR-analysis = Search and analysis of potential off-targets and structure of the respective sgRNA.