Citation:Rajput A & Kumar M. Anti-flavi: A Web Platform to Predict Inhibitors of Flaviviruses Using QSAR and Peptidomimetic Approaches. Front. Microbiol.(Virology).doi:10.3389/fmicb.2018.03121

About ANTI-FLAVI algorithm

It is the first prediction algorithm dedicated for identifying and designing anti-flaviviral potential of any compound(s). According to World Health Organisation, flaviviruses are responsible various serious outbreaks world wide. For example, the epidemics by Dengue virus, DENV (100 countries in Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Americas, the Western Pacific and South-East Asia), Zika virus, ZIKV (in 42 countries), Yellow fever virus, YFV (Angolan capital city, China) and many more have been recently reported.

anti-flaviviral chemicals

This predictors helps to predict the potential of any chemical to target flaviviruses as whole e.g. Dengue virus, Hepatitis C virus, etc.

anti-flaviviral peptides

This module will aid the researchers to identify the inhibiton potential of any peptide(s) to target specific flaviviruses.


This tool possess the potential to depict various analyses of anti-flaviviral inhibitors.

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