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Priority Inhibitors

Priority Inhibitors Compounds

Compound IDIC50[uM]EC50[uM]DriLito filters AcceptedRejectedPAINSFDA Approved
(TC >0.8)
NVIC00020.029* 1  
NVIC0021 0.281 ± 0.0448*3  
NVIC00230.25** 4  
NVIC00240.149* 5  
NVIC00250.525 6  
NVIC00260.218 5  
NVIC00270.0027 5  DB00188
NVIC00280.00047 1  
NVIC00290.07 4  
NVIC0032 0.0289 ± 0.0102*6  
NVIC00482, 0.62 6  DB00608, DB01611

List of prioritized NVIs along with their biological activity, drug likeness profile and structural similarity to antiviral libraries.
✔ for 'YES' and ✘ for 'NO'
* minimum value has been reported
** minimum effective concentration
Accepted, Rejected, and PAINS fields are taken from FaF Drugs4