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NVIK Cluster Visualization

Cluster Visualization

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Circos Visualization of NVI's Physicochemical Properties

NVI's Compound Network Diagram: Of 98 inhibitors molecules,
84 are singletons; 14 are non-singletons and grouped into 7 clusters.

Cluster ID   No. of Compounds    Compound IDs   
1 4NVIC0005NVIC0006NVIC0007NVIC0008

Cluster ID   No. of Compounds    Compound IDs   
2 2NVIC0001NVIC0098
3 2NVIC0010.1NVIC0010.2
4 2NVIC0025NVIC0026
5 2NVIC0033NVIC0034
6 2NVIC0044NVIC0048
7 2NVIC0077NVIC0082

Circos Visualization of NVI's_molecules Physicochemical Properties:
Showing overall distribution of chemical, biological and physicochemical properties of NVI's molecules.

Sorted on Molecular Weight